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Change the cycle. Period.

Are you a steady plastics reducer and recycler? Awesome! We’d love to tell you of another way to reduce your plastic use: by shopping for plastic saving clothing!

Did you know that just one sanitary pad contains the same amount of plastic as 4 plastic pads? And that tampons take 500 years to completely decompose? So 400 years after you’re gone, your tampon is still at the dump. We can do better! Our new period pants have a built-in lining that takes away the need for sanitary products. And the pants themselves are made from eucalyptus, so no worries about plastic in your clothing.


"Our clothing has 90% less plastic"

Why is there plastic in my clothing?
At least 49% of underwear and sexy lingerie is made entirely out of new plastics like polyester, polyamide or nylon. It’s soft, elastic and durable, yet made in an incredibly polluting process. If we made 49% of our underwear out of plastics we would need 1.157 kg a year. But because we only use 5% elastane our total comes to 114 kg. So we make similar products with 90% less plastics. Just to give you an idea, that amount makes almost 20,000 rubber duckies!

How can I do better?
Pay attention to the raw materials, if your clothes are made from plants or trees it’s safe to assume they contain little to no plastic. Think cotton, hemp, or our favourite: eucalyptus! Because the fibres came from a natural source they don’t release micro plastics and are biodegradable too. If there’s any plastic mixed in it’s usually a much lower amount. Or if you desperately need a synthetic fabric, go for recycled clothing. Our activewear is made from 100% recycled materials, which makes for a very clean production process. And of course the period pants save the most plastic of all!

Does that mean I have to check every label or walk away from all those nice clothes?
No, it doesn’t. We fully understand that shopping is supposed to be fun, and conscious shopping really doesn’t need to be any different. For starters, there are tons of sustainable platforms out there that only show you clean brands, so you can shop without worrying how it’s made or what’s in it. Along with knitting techniques sustainable fashion has progressed a lot, so you don’t have to lose out on style. Plus, there’s a very good chance it’s much more comfortable than your previous outfits!

What about your clothing?
As we said we use 5% elastane in our eucalyptus clothing to ensure a good fit and long life. Our new active wear collection is made from 100% recycled materials. Because this fabric does release micro-plastics we have added the Guppyfriend to our webshop. This is a wash bag that catches micro-plastics in your washing machine. Want to know how much plastic we save as a brand? Check out our Impact Report!

So you see, you can save tons of plastic by making a few small but conscious choices about your daily outfits. Are you ready to make a difference? Check out our collection:



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