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For an ocean without plastics

You may be aware that this Saturday is World Cleanup Day. The focus is on cleaning up our beaches and ocean. For years this has been a growing problem, mainly due to microplastics in the water. What exactly are they and what can you do about it? Let's find out!

What is World Cleanup Day?
World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civil movements of our time. Both organisations and individuals are encouraged to come together once a year and clean up. All over the world attention is drawn to the ever growing problems that come with pollution, and at the same time we are cleaning our beaches and streets.

"Did you know your clothing contains microplastics?"

What are microplastics and what are they doing in my clothes?
Exactly what they sound like: microscopic plastic parts. Through years of pollution they can be found everywhere in nature, in the water, even in your food! The particles get loose when larger items get left to disintegrate in nature, but your clothing is also a major source. Synthetic fabrics contain plastic and tiny parts of it are released every time you wash your clothes. Through your washing machine they get into the water, and eventually end up in the ocean. Take a wild guess how many people worldwide use their washing machine each day and you'll easily spot the problem!

What are we doing to help?
As a sustainable company we feel we have a big responsibility to keep our plastic use as low as possible and not only offer a beautiful product, but a clean and healthy one too. 

This is how we do that:

  • We use natural resources and a clean production process. Compared to the average fast fashion brand we use at least 90% less plastic. In the past year and a half we've managed to save the equivalent of 33,000 rubber duckies in plastic!
  • We use minimal packaging, and what we use is 100% biodegradable so no microplastics end up in nature. We have also recently introduced circular packaging.
  • We don't throw anything out. About 65% of discarded clothing is not recycled, but goes straight to the dump. Which isn't just a huge waste, it's massively polluting as well. In the open air, the fabric disintegrates and microplastics get released into nature and the ocean. By upcycling or donating our clothing we ensure it doesn't end up on a pile of misery.

What can I do to help?
All kinds of stuff! On the World Cleanup Day website you can easily sign up to projects near you. Or, if you prefer, there are lots of little things you can do daily to help. For example:

  • Pay attention to what you buy. Sustainable brands like us have done all the research for you and deliver beautiful, clean clothing straight to your door. Super easy!
  • Choose minimal or circular packaging, and recycle where possible. In Europe, only 41% of materials are recycled so there's still 59% to win!
  • Reuse. Dust off that old sewing machine, donate your old clothing or recycle your used up textiles. Together we can keep it clean!


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