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Keep comfy with St. Isabel

Here at Saint Basics we do our best to make people feel good. But sometimes it happens by accident, and that’s when it gets really fun! Sarah surprised us with this review of our St. Isabel: 

"Ladies, can we talk about maternity clothes for a minute? As someone who’s very attached to her clothing style I found it hard to say goodbye to my favourite outfits for such a long time. And every time I found something comfortable that I liked, I grew out of it in a matter of weeks! The result was a lot of wasted money and some low self esteem. I was so bummed.

Luckily I had an unexpected saviour: St. Isabel. Whilst the rest of my clothing (including Saints) had to make way for my ever growing belly, this shirt fit perfectly throughout my entire pregnancy. The bigger I got, the better it looked! Thanks to the length and the stretchy fabric it was able to grow along with me the entire time. And at a time where I mostly just felt heavy, clumsy and unattractive it was something that made me feel good about myself. The best part in my opinion is the fabric: It’s so airy and odourfree! Which is ideal if, like me in that period, you are a walking space heater (thanks hormones!). But the most pleasant surprise came after giving birth: The shirt simply stretched back with me, and still fits perfectly. You can’t tell at all that I used it as maternity clothing the whole time! It’s one of the few pre-pregnancy items of clothing I still have, and still wear all the time. So in short: It’s great for your self esteem, for your wallet and even for the world around you. It feels good to be a Saint!"

Thanks for being a Saint Sarah!

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