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Made with love

If it matters to you that your clothing is made in a happy, safe, and healthy working environment, you've come to the right place. All our clothing is made by Impetus, at a modern production plant near Barcelos, the textile centre of Northern Portugal. Our producer gives high priority to sustainability, safety and social responsibility.

A day in the factory starts with picking up the employees. Several mini-buses collect everyone in the area for free. The sewing workshop employs around 180 people, who never work on the same task for more than 3 hours. Almost everyone joins in de daily voluntary fitness routine. Not just to stay fit and healthy, but especially for the fun! The good, social atmosphere continues in the staff restaurant, which serves around 300 meals a day.

Take a look in the factory

Child labour and unfair wages are not found at Impetus. In fact, the company offers scholarships and internships to the employees' children.

Apart from their excellent social policies, we had several good reasons for choosing to work with Impetus:

  • Impetus is a solid company that produces around 3,7 million items of clothing a year
  • The company is vertically integrate: All knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing happens in one place, as well as production of the waistbands
  • The factory has its own water treatment system, uses biomass to produce hot water and generates about 20% of it's electricity supply from its own solar panels
  • Last year, Impetus replaced 80% of its company cars with hybrids, which run on power produced by the solar panels
Luís oversees our production in Barcelos, Portugal

"They are currently working on a biodegradable form of elastane.”

The company also works hard on sustainable innovation. The R&D department is currently working on a biodegradable form of elastane, which we are hoping to launch together. When that happens, our clothing will be environmentally-friendly right down to the final stretch.

In Portugal we can produce close to home, and comply with strict EU rules on transparency, the environment and fair wages. More importantly, the country has a rich history and culture when it comes to textile production. In Turkey or the Far East, we might have much lower production costs. But Portugal offers us more: Short transport lines, personal relations and products that are made with love.

Impetus offers us large-scale, modern production facilities for our basics. They also have a fantastic in-house team that makes our products with skill, care and attention to detail. Thank you for being the heart and soul of our products!

After a day at the factory, Anita and Esther cool off on the Praia de Ofir


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