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Making a splash

2023 is making history as one of the top 5% driest summers ever. So, it's time to team up and save water like champions! You already know the basics: quick showers, closed taps while brushing, but here's a cool twist – your wardrobe can help too!

Who would've thought clothes could be such thirsty troublemakers? Your innocent-looking underpants hold an astonishing 700 liters of water on average! But hold on, not if you shop at Saint Basics. Our eucalyptus shirts and shorts are water-saving wizards, rescuing a whopping 8 Olympic swimming pools' worth of water just in the past year!

Now, let's talk fashion and drought. Every year, we gulp down enormous amounts of water through our clothing choices, thanks to old habits of both consumers and producers. They tend to favor water-hungry materials, but hey, better options are out there!

Peter & Anita of Saint Basics

Time for a make-over
Peter van Akkeren from Saint Basics: "It's time for a wardrobe makeover. Rivers are drying up, land is withering, and forest fires are on the rampage worldwide. Cotton may be comfy, but it's a water-guzzler, guzzling a crazy 10,000 liters of water per kilo!"

Now for some jaw-dropping numbers. Cotton consumption leads to some seriously big digits: 7,000 liters in your jeans, 2,700 liters in a T-shirt, and even your undies soak up 700 liters! All combined, that's a whopping 2,912 sextillion liters of water per year for all the Netherlands alone. Enough to fill 116,500 billion Olympic-sized swimming pools.

There's a hero
But wait, there's a hero in this story! Our eucalyptus is an absolute water champion. With a water-saving superpower of 95% compared to regular cotton, it's no surprise it's the star in Saint Basics' collection. Plus, it's as soft and airy as a summer breeze!

Thanks to our eucalyptus enthusiasts, 19 million liters of water were saved last year. That's like filling 8 Olympic swimming pools or taking a daily bath for 343 years! You could also do 380,000 loads of laundry or quench the thirst of 254 people for a lifetime.

The best part? Making a difference isn't rocket science! As Peter says, "It's not about buying less; it's about buying smarter. Look for water-efficient materials like eucalyptus or recycled fabrics. Even if it's just a drop in the ocean, every little bit counts!"

So, let's join hands, choose wisely, and splash some water-saving goodness into the world! Together, we'll make a big impact, one fashionable outfit at a time. Stay savvy, stay stylish, and keep on saving water, dear Saints! 🌊💦😊

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