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St. Beatrice reviewed

So when it comes to our products, we may be a bit biased about how great they are. That’s because we pour so much love and effort into what we do, so how great is it when others are just as excited about it? Alessia tried our new period panties, and we loved her review so much we just had to share it with you!

"That time of the month has become less stressful (and itchy) thanks to the St. Basics period panties!
When we are on our period, everything seems to stress us out: the belly bloating, the pain, having to ask our friends to check if we got out jeans dirty every time we stand up. And when it hits us sooner than expected, running to the store to buy pads or tampons is just annoying. Or just running to the nearest toilet every time you need to change one, ugh!

For some time I’ve been looking for an alternative to pads, not only due to the ridiculous amount of money I’ve spent on them since I first got my period, but mostly for the environment. Pads and tampons contain plastic and are difficult to recycle. Plus, are we acknowledging the fact that we are legitimately putting plastic near our private areas?? This needs to stop.

And then I found the solution: period panties. A ridiculously comfy underwear with an eco pad incorporated, that I could keep on for many hours without having to worry if I got my jeans, my bed sheet dirty and most importantly, without getting an irritation on my thighs. Period panties are the best solution because they are easy to have on, mine fit perfectly, they’re adherent but don’t leave any marks on my butt cheeks, so even if I’m wearing it with tight pants you could never tell I am on my period. They’re easy to wash, just run them under cold water and that’s it! For those who are a bit squeamish with blood as myself, it’s fast and easy. I wore them on my bike, to go drink with friends, to do yoga, I’ve kept them on all night and not one single drop of blood stained my bed. And ladies, you know that when that happens it’s a bit of a miracle. And no smell whatsoever! 

But one of the best things is that not only they are comfy and practical, but they are also extremely cute! The little lace on the top makes them look so sweet, and makes you feel special on those days when we mostly feel ugly and uncomfortable. They come with a practical adorable little bag so you can carry them around if you need to change, switching the dirty underwear with a new one, or just have it in your bag if the “period monster” decides to surprise you a few days in advance.

And for those who are concerned with the cost because they are a bit more expensive than pads, sure, but think how much you would save in the long term: safe for your pockets and most of all for the environment. It’s just good to know that my period or tampons won’t end up in the sea and I won’t see them swimming next to me in the summer.

So what else can I say apart from the fact that the period panties are a sustainable, green and genius revolution??? It feels good to be a Saint! :)"

Thanks for being a Saint Alessia!

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