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Supporting a good cause

Why run 4000 km a year and come home empty-handed, when you can also pick up trash along the way? This is what Paul Waye started doing when he invented plogging: picking up litter while jogging. Now, he's picking up 40,000L of roadside waste a year. And inspiring others to do so too. So let's meet Paul and have him activate your inner plogger!

When Paul first approached us, we met one of the wittiest soldiers of the planet. He's not only good fun, he's also unstoppable. Not only in conversations full of wisecracks, but also in ideas, energy and initiatives. So we're happy to support his cause, or his buttocks for that matter. Because the long runs had taken their toll on his underpants, and Paul quickly needed some new ones.


Paul: "In 2011 I was running to the train station (around 5km) and noticed lots of single-use plastics, fast food packaging and other trash in the hedgerow. I thought to myself, "if I don't pick it up then who will?"

If I don't pick it up, who will?

"That was the first time I made the altruistic decision to pick up trash and put it in the bin. Before I put it in the bin I made a tweet about it. So my first official plog was Sept 29, 2011 (before the word plogging even existed!)
The commitment to plogging grew and grew and now I do it EVERY time I do something sporty (not just running, but also cycling, paddleboarding etc).
Just from my daily activities, I pick up around 40,000L of trash a year!
Picking up a piece of trash, suddenly turns a run into something that isn't just healthy for me, but into something healthy for us and for the PLANET!"

Running like a Saint
"I don't need to be an eco-warrior, I just want to make mindful choices that don't feel like a punishment, but bring greater joy. And to constantly look at small ways to improve. And this is where I immediately connected with Saint Basics."

wide"What brings me joy, is that the eco underwear is just one small part of the impact. I know it sounds a bit over the top, but I smile as much from wearing them because of the positive, ethical and mindful approach of the brand as I do from knowing the eco credentials of the material. Oh.. and they really are sooooooo comfortable! hahah"


How can we awaken our inner plogger?
"Picking up a piece of trash makes an impact. But I have realised that it is really just a small part of the impact we can make. If we pick up a piece of trash and someone notices us doing it, then that could create an even bigger impact. It can be a ripple that creates waves."

Over 600 million people run regularly. Imagine if we all picked up a single piece of trash.

"There are over 600 million people who run regularly. Imagine if we all picked up a single piece of trash at the start of the run and put it in the bin. It has zero impact on you but could change the world if we all do it. I would love it if people give it a go and then think about how they feel. In that simple act, they just help make an impact. Don't think about the negative reason that trash is there. Think about the positive step you took. The positive intent you have made for us all."

Where can we follow in your footsteps?
"Follow my Instagram account ( or YouTube account ( - I won't hide the fact that I would love to have a gazillion subscribers.. it will mean the impact I can make is even greater!
But, if you are a billionaire, then please pay me a salary so I can do this full time haha.. imagine what I could do if I didn't have to work 40hrs a week!!"


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