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The power of a hug

This week it’s International Hugging Day. The idea is to encourage people to hug each other more. It’s a simple yet powerful expression of love and appreciation, and has a lot of benefits for body and soul. How important is a hug?

Why hugs?
Hugging is more powerful than you might think. It releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. This helps us bond to one another and gives you feelings of love, familiarity and togetherness. Do you ever have a powerful urge to hug your loved ones? This is why! And together with serotonin it helps to reduce stress, so hugging is good for your head and your body. 

We are social beings. Contact with with people and nature is essential for our wellbeing. So let’s show some love and give each other a hug! Your child, dog, best friend or even your teddybear will appreciate it. 

A hug from mother nature
Being able to hug each other is no longer a given, but there are ways to still get that feeling of contact. Like contact with mother nature. Our clothing is made from supersoft eucalyptus that gently flows around your body, feeling almost like a hug. And the good feeling goes beyond just the fabric, as each piece is made with an enormous amount of love. Love for nature and the people around us. That’s how it feels to be a Saint.

With a big hug from mother nature 💚



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