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Thermal clothing or layers? We know the answer!

Looking for ways to stay warm this winter without breaking the bank? Get dressed! When you do this right you’ll easily stay warm all winter. We’ve got some handy tips to get you feeling as good as possible in the clothes you wear.

The right stuff
Let’s start with choosing the right fabric, because who wants to be sweaty and itchy all winter? First, you want it to be soft and breathable. Moisture makes you feel cold, so you want yours to be easily wicked away. Second, it’s important the fabric is insulating without closing off your pores. The more your dry body warmth stays close, the less cold you’ll feel. Eucalyptus fabric has all of these properties and more.

Products: Short top + Brief | Tanktop | Socks | Leggings | Longsleeve

Lots of layers
In order to keep your body warmth to yourself it’s best to wear several thin layers of clothing. Each layer traps warmth so you don’t lose it easily. On really cold days you can add a thick woolen sweater on the outside for extra insulation. Choose thin shirts with long sleeves that are nice and stretchy. You still want to be able to move!

Saint keeps you comfortable
And it just so happens we have the perfect clothing for this winter. Eucalyptus fabric is super stretchy, soft and moisture wicking. Our clothing is free from scratchy labels, which is especially annoying when wearing several layers. And our favourite thing about eucalyptus: It’s odour free, which means you can wear it for several days and avoid a giant pile of laundry at the end of the day. That save time as well as money. It feels good to be a Saint!

Products: Bralette | Tanktop | Longsleeve


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