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Why our BuzzOff basics matter

As we gear up for the summer of 2023, one prediction looms over us: it's going to be warm and wet with lots of of mosquitoes. And while your initial instinct might be to eliminate these pesky insects as quickly and effectively as possible - that's not a good idea. Many chemicals that kill mosquitoes also kill bees, butterflies, and other vital members of our ecosystem. Luckily, we have an eco-friendly alternative: our new, innovative BuzzOff T-Shirt. Designed to keep mosquitoes, ticks and other insects at bay without harming the planet.

Chemical-based mosquito control methods have long been relied upon to reduce nuisance and combat insect-borne diseases like malaria, yellow fever, Lyme's disease, Zika and the West Nile virus.


However, these methods also kill bees and butterflies, the most important pollinators of our planet. They play a critical role in transferring pollen from one plant to the other. This process is key for the production of fruits, seeds, and new plants. Approximately 75% of the world's major food crops rely on pollination, mostly by bees. No bees, no food!

Where our BuzzOff basics come in
It wasn't that anti-insect clothing didn't already exist. But other products rely heavily on Permethrin, a deadly toxin that kills everything in its way. That's why we sought and found an eco-friendly alternative, building forward on innovative technology developed by our Portuguese partner SI. It doesn't kill insects but keeps them at a distance of 40-50cm by giving off a scent that humans can't smell, but insects absolutely don't like.

The active ingredient is a sustainable washing that is applied during the finishing stage of our fabric. It stays active for at least 100 washes. The washing is biodegradable, contains no toxins, is FDA and EPA approved and is recommended by the World Health Organisation. Combined with our super-eco basics made from eucalyptus, our BuzzOff basics are the most sustainable solution for keeping bugs at bay.


St. Sofia BuzzOff T-shirt dress St. Anthony BuzzOff T-shirt

By choosing this eco-friendly option, you not only protect yourself from insect-borne illnesses but also actively contribute to the preservation of bees, butterflies, and other crucial species in our ecosystem. With this innovative garment, you can make a positive impact on our environment without compromising on comfort or style.

Be part of the solution!
We're starting off with two simple products, a V-neck Tee for men and an elegant T-shirt dress for women. Perfect for having a summer night's drink in the garden, or for buzz-free sleeping. But of course, the applications are endless. We could develop special clothing for playing sports, going camping or hiking, or staying safe in high-risk areas for insect transmitted diseases. Interested? Let us know what you think and embark on a journey where we coexist with insects, promoting a healthier ecosystem and a brighter future for all. Thanks for being a Saint!



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