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Start selling the ultimate FeelGood basics.

Are you a webshop, influencer, youtuber, blogger or other type of publisher? And do you want to save the planet while monetizing your channel? Start promoting our ultimate eco basics and get a commission on every sale!

Join us in 3 easy steps

1. Sign up

We partner with ImpactBytes for our affiliate programme. Start by creating an account here. If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

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2. Link with us

After your account has been approved, you can find Saint Basics in your list of advertisers. Click the send request button.

3. Start promoting!

Generate your affiliate link and promote us on your channel. If a customer buys through your link, you get a nice commission.

Why your followers will love us

We're super comfy

Ever heard of eucalyptus fabric? It’s the best! We love it because it’s the most sustainable choice out there by far, but its awesomeness doesn’t stop there. 

It’s got anti-bacterial properties, which means it doesn’t smell, not even when you work up a sweat! And that means less washing too (yaay!). It’s so soft and breathable you almost forget you’re wearing it.

We're super sustainable!

Our basics are about 95% more environmentally friendly than common products. And 100% free from pesticides, sweatshops, child labour and unfair trade. Want to see for yourself? 

Check our impact report!

Our basics come with a FeelGood guarantee

We believe our basics are the most feelgood basics you’ll ever wear. In fact, we guarantee it. Don’t feel good about our basics? You  get your money back, no questions asked!
You can try the first product you buy from us for 90 days. If you're not happy by then, you can keep the product and we'll refund the money that you paid for it. Or we'll exchange it for free for something that suits you better.

Let Saint Basics work for you.


What is an affiliate programme?

An affiliate programme is a type of marketing that relies on brands (us) and affiliates (you) working together. We provide the actual products as well as the marketing content. You can then use this to promote us on your own social media and/or blog, and get rewarded for any sales you bring in.

Who are affiliates?

You can be! In this case we are looking for influencers, bloggers, and any other publisher who cares about sustainable shopping to promote our brand. By joining our programme, you become an affiliate and get rewarded for promoting us.

Do I have to pay to join your affiliate programme?

No, joining and using the programme is completely free.

How do I get paid?

When people click your link and buy something in our shop, you will earn a commission of 10%. Or higher if you are a high-revenue affiliates. Once you have reached your payout limit (minimum €50) we pay you with the payment method you have chosen in your account.

How do you know which sales are mine?

In your account, you can set an affiliate link for our webshop. You can even create different links for different pages. When a customer enters our website, this link is recognised as yours and any sales will be attributed to it. You can see this in your own dashboard.

What are the dos and don'ts for promoting you?

Our brand is about positivity, and making a big difference with small changes. We want to make people feel good about themselves, about the clothes they wear and the choices they make. If you are not familiar with our story, we ask that you read up on it and keep your message positive. We do not have any strict guidelines, but reserve the right to add these if we feel it is necessary. Please read our Terms of Service when you register.

We also ask that you only use the provided content, besides photos of your own personal products (e.g. selfies or a new product you ordered). If you want anything else just ask us and we will provide it for you if possible. Please do not edit the photos we provide. Using an Instagram filter is absolutely fine, but please do not photoshop or edit without our permission.

Do I disclose my relationship with Saint Basics?

Yes, if you are working with us as an affiliate or influencer you are required by law to comply with the Dutch Advertising Code (RSM). This requires you to inform your public that your post is a paid promotion. 
Make sure your post includes the words "Collaboration with @saintbasics" and/or use one of the following hashtags: #ad #adv #spon #collab #partner(ship). If you do not follow this protocol Saint Basics cannot be held liable for any resulting damages.

I have a different question, who do I contact?