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Discover our latest greatest activewear! Super comfy, super sustainable. Seamless. Made from 100% recycled materials. And with some special innovations that keep you healthy and fresh!

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From waste to wear

Our activewear collection is made from 100% recycled materials. Left-over cuttings, that would otherwise have gone to waste, have been shredded and transformed into new yarns. So when you hit the gym, the park or the streets, rest assured that you leave only your footsteps. No waste.

Stay healthy and fresh

Breathe in, breathe out and blend in with nature with our great new colours. All items have been treated with a revolutionary washing that protects you from bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also prevents smelly odours. Let your clothes keep you fresh and healthy at the gym!

From head to toe

Complete your active style with some fantastic new socks that match your active lifestyle perfectly. Also made from recycled materials, and designed to support your muscles. The socks have been infused with a special washing that prevents athlete's foot. Feel good from head to toe!

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