St. Beatrice period panties

Because everything is cyclic.

Absorption layer

38% TENCEL™ eucalyptus

47% cotton, 15% polyester

Impermeable layer

100% TENCEL™ eucalyptus

with a coating of 25 micron polyurethane

Outer layer

95% organic cotton

5% elastane

Meet St. Beatrice

A reusable and leak-free solution for your period. Looks like regular underwear but has built-in layers that keep you dry, fresh and odour-free. Beautiful, practical and super comfortable.

Comfortable and breathable

Made to last at least 50 washes

Also suitable for slight urine loss

1 St. Beatrice has the absorption capacity of 2-3 tampons

(normal/medium flow)

Get a free wetbag!

Order a 2-pack St. Beatrice and get a free wetbag! Take a clean pair of panties with you wherever you go. When it's time for a change, you can put your used panties in the wetbag. It's small, convenient and guaranteed leak-free!

Did you know?

1 pad = 4 plastic bags

1 tampon = 500 years pollution

Ready for a happier period?